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Contemporary Marketing Mix for the Digital Era

Effective marketing is vital for the success of a product, service, or business.  With the pervasive and ever-increasing use of the Internet by the target markets, marketers are required to include the Internet in their marketing plan. Dr. Nik Tehrani explains the importance of e-marketing and presents the relationship between e-marketing and e-business. The exponential growth of e-commerce has changed the face of retail and service marketing. To remain competitive in the marketplace, marketers must include the virtual world of marketing in their plans, thus helping sellers develop various marketing strategies. Marketers are the sellers’ tool and Contemporary Marketing Mix for the Digital Era is the tool for successful marketers. Traditionally, the marketing strategy consists of the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. However, to develop a contemporary marketing strategy which includes the virtual world, other components must be examined. Dr. Tehrani illustrates the 11 Ps required for successful e-marketing strategies. The 11 Ps of e-marketing strategy are an expansion upon the traditional 4 Ps. Readers are adeptly shown how People, Partnership, Productivity, Personalization, Physical Image, Protocol, and Privacy are elements of contemporary marketing. This book, illustrated with practical examples and case studies, summarizes these 11 Ps and explores the internal and external customers of all sellers, products both tangible and intangible, the partnerships that help sellers maintain a steady flow of products, and the pricing structure of e-products. Making intangible products tangible, the methods required to push products, and essential personalized services adapted to the Internet are also covered; all in order to help marketers learn what is required by the sellers to sell their products effectively. This book additionally includes a comprehensive look at e-business privacy issues and laws, as well as respect for and maintenance of international protocols.


Understanding Green Business

Why Understanding Green Business? With every new day society has become more aware of the increasing threats to the globe due to the non-environmentally friendly practices that have been occurring in the previous years. Due to the newfound awareness, people have taken greater lengths to pass laws, alter company policies and change their everyday lives to do their part in helping to preserve the environment and prevent any further damage. Rather than taking the easy route and continuing their habits, society is putting forth a consciousness effort to go out of their way to improve the environment in any way they can. As a collective force the going green movement will better the environment and allow further generations to enjoy a clean and productive world. How is Understanding Green Business structured? Dr. Tehrani and Dr. Sinha dedicate each chapter to a different aspect of “going green” in this book such as products, transportation, networking, research, and energy alternatives. In addition, the authors discuss green careers and provide useful information on how to go about working at a green company. The future of the green movement and its impacts are mentioned so as to provide a potential impact of current changes in the future. It also shows a possible interpretation of how the future green movement shall be exercised. Who is this book for? This book has been created as the core textbook for Business professionals, industry practitioners, academicians and students who would like to hone their business skills, and keep up with the latest trends in Green Business. As a result, Understanding Green Business will support students pursuing a master degree in MBA, Certificate in Management or a Diploma in Management and/or Business while undergraduate students in business programs.

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Contemporary Marketing Mix for the Digital Era

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