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A highly regarded Professor. With experience as an entrepreneur, author, and educator, he has developed a reputation as a fresh and inspiring voice in the area of business and management.


Entrepreneurship is the ability and will to create, shape and manage a new business into profitability, by offering services or innovative products, despite the risks involved. It may take a few years of concentrated dedication out of one’s life, but, in the end, the benefits can be well worth the time and effort. My recommendation is for someone who is motivated to start up a new business and is willing to take the risks, first, take an inventory of all life experiences, jobs and education, and then create a list of the top three things that are the most enjoyable. Based on those three things, identify what problems can be solved with those skills. Brainstorming can be used to narrow the most profitable markets, and once they are defined, then it is time to offer solutions or products.


Authorship is the ideal way to provide one with a voice and exposure of knowledge. As a college professor, I have supplemented my teaching with professional experiences, as well. Thus, I have much accumulated knowledge and advice to share. For over 20 years as an executive with various companies in Silicon Valley, I have been able to translate my experiences into applied learning theories in the form of published articles and books.


Being an educator is not easy for a lot of reasons, but one reason why I am a teacher is the gratification of passing learning on to others and of sending individuals out into the world well-prepared for their careers. In my classes, I highlight real life and practical applications for my students rather than just theoretical concepts. This gives them a strong sense of confidence such that they will be ready and excited to enter the workforce.

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